WeTrain Ergebnisse


The project demonstrates exemplarily which contents and methods are effective to reach out to women, how educational institutions and women’s organisations can cooperate and how peer learning works. It also illustrates the benefits of international cooperation and the requirements for framework conditions.

WeTrain produces:

Strategy and process proposal for promoting women as experts and innovators

The strategy shows what equal participation of women in adult education can look like. It is intended to be an effective tool for empowerment and to make a sustainable contribution to the further development of adult education.

Innovative educational offers for women

We develop methods and materials for joint learning that combine individual competence acquisition while strengthening social cohesion (sustainability, resilience, equal participation).

Guide to capacity building

WeTrain offers approaches to modernising educational institutions. The guide includes recommendations for anchoring programmes for women, trainings for teachers, and internationalisation.

White Paper “Gender-equitable adult education”

The white paper outlines framework conditions for strengthening the gender perspective in adult education. It lists demands and suggestions to policy makers.

The model is applicable throughout the EU and the approaches are transferable to other target groups. WeTrain strengthens resilience to cope with societal challenges.

In this sense, the project is also a contribution to the values of the EU.