WeTrain Aktivitäten


The focus of WeTrain is on the development and testing of dedicated innovative educational offers with suitable learning formats, tailored to concrete living environments of women, methodically and didactically designed, and located in the neighbourhood. To this end, we have identified three clusters:
  • Life skills (to strengthen resilience)
  • Rights and Democracy (to enforce social rights)
  • Sustainability (to contribute to the Green Deal)

Relevant topics include assessing information, recognising disinformation and manipulation, communication and networking, decision-making, conflict management, knowing owns strengths and rights and their enforcement, managing the living environment, resource conservation and sustainable consumption, raising one’s voice and exerting influence.

Individual skill acquisition is combined with opportunities for women to exchange and network for greater social impact.

In parallel, there is an intensive exchange with stakeholders from education, business, civil society, politics and administration to support and anchor these new educational and participation formats in the neighbourhood. We document the results in a capacity-building guide. Accompanying dissemination measures complete the activities.