WeTrain Projekt


The aim of our project WeTrain is to improve educational offers for women and foster both their empowerment and social cohesion.

We want to reach out to women regardless of their age, professional and social situation or cultural background and promote their individual acquisition of competencies. To this end, we develop solutions that enable women to take ownership of important issues and learn how to use and pass on their competencies for social cohesion in their living environment.
With regards to our programme design, we have selected countries that differ in terms of their expertise, positioning of adult education and social participative structures for women.

In Berlin, Vicenza and Warsaw, we are establishing Forward-looking Learning Centres for exemplary gender-sensitive adult education.

The WeTrain model can be used as a blueprint throughout the EU. WeTrain contributes to the EU Commission’s strategy for adult education as well as to social cohesion and active citizenship.